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Tune: "Just Over in the Gloryland"

Verse 1:
Paul was preach-ing in J-e-ru-sa-lem.
The peo-ple there did not a-gree.
They be-gan to shout, they be-gan to run.
His life was then in jea-por-day.

The sol-diers came to res-cue him
And Paul stood there and said to them,
"My Lord ap-peared to me and then
He saved me and now for a-while
I've preached the gos-pel to Gen-tiles.
That's what my God wants me to do.

Verse 2:
The com-man-der or-dered the sold-iers strong
To pun-ish Paul and beat him there.
But there was a fact that they did not know;
They had to han-dle him with care.

"I am a cit-i-zen of Rome,
And well you know if that's my home
You can-not treat me in this way."
The men be-came so fear-ful then
Of how they al-most treat-ed him
An arm-y took him far a-way.

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