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Tune: "Angry Words"

Verse 1:
Paul and Bar-na-bas did not a-gree.
John Mark was the cause of it.
Bar-na-bas said,"He'll come with us."
Pau-l thought John Mark was not fit.

Di-d they shout and fight?
Di-d they rant and rave?
Di-d they cause a great big fuss?
No-o they com-pro-mised,
Each man went on his way.
We need to let the Lord use us.

Verse 2:
When you have a dis-a-gree-ment
Try to set-tle it in love.
You should show re-spect to o-thers,
Hon-or our Fath-er up a-bove.

Wil-l you shout and fight?
Wil-l you rant and rave?
Wil-l you cause a great big fuss?
No, we can com-pro-mise,
A-gree to dis-a-gree.
We need to let the Lord use us.

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