The Hidden Treasure

This man is out in the field alone. He has brought his pick and shovel with him.
 He knows there are many things hidden under the ground that he would like to
 have. Sometimes diamonds are hidden there, and other beautiful stones. He
thinks perhaps some of them are hidden in this field. He begins to dig in the
ground to see what he can find. He digs a long time, but does not find anything.
 He is tired and says he will not dig any more. But yonder is a great rock on the
other side of the field. It has a hole in its side. He will try digging there before
he goes home. He takes his pick and digs out a little earth. He scrapes some
of it up in his hand, and looks at it, and what does he see? A piece of gold!
There is gold here, he cries. O, if this field were only mine then I would be a
 rich man!   He goes and buys the field.

Matthew  13:44