The Judgment Day

The apostles are sitting and listening while Jesus is teaching them. He is
teaching them about the Judgment-Day. The Judgment-Day will be the
last day in this world. There will never be another day after that. Jesus
says that he will come down from heaven on that day, and that all the
good angels will come with him. Then he will sit on a high seat, called
a throne, where everybody can see him. You and I will see him then,
and every one will see him. The people who have been drowned in the
 sea, and those that have been buried in the ground, will all of them be
there. Jesus will call to them, and they will hear him, and they will rise
up and stand before him, for him to judge them; that is, for him to say
whether they shall be rewarded or punished. The good people who have
 loved him and minded him will stand on one side, and the bad people
who have not minded him will stand on the other side. Then Jesus will
take all those who have loved him up to heaven, and there they will stay
 with him forever.

Matthew 24