Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

The tree that we see in the picture is called a fig-tree. Fig-trees do not grow in
our country, but they grow in the country where Jesus lived. They bear fruit
something like pears, that are good to eat. The people in that country eat figs
for food; not only because they are nice and pleasant to taste, but because they
 make persons strong and well. In the picture we see Jesus speaking to the
 fig-tree. He saw it growing by the path. It looked green and beautiful, and he
came to pick figs from it, that he might eat them, because he was hungry.
But when he came to the tree no figs were growing on it, only leaves were
there. Then Jesus spoke to the tree and said that no more figs should ever
grow on it. The next day the apostles passed by the tree again. And when they
looked at it they saw that it was not green and beautiful now, but it was brown
 and dead-looking from its roots all the way up to its top. The words that Jesus
spoke to it made it die. The tree minded Jesus, because he is God.

Mark 11:12-14