Parable of the Lost Coin

This woman is stooping down close to the floor with a candle in her hand.
She is looking for something. What can it be ? It is a piece of silver money.
 She had ten pieces that she worked for and saved up. As she did not want
 to spend them, she put them away. She thought she had put them away
very carefully, but when she went to look at them, and count them, and see
if they were all safe, one piece was missing! What should she do ? Should
she sit down and say, Somebody else will find it and hand it to me ? No,
she said, I am anxious about it, and will look for it myself. So she got her
 broom and swept the floor carefully, and every little while she stooped
down and looked in the dark places and corners where the broom would
 not reach. We see her looking now, and very soon she will find her lost
 piece. Then how glad she will be! She will show it to the people in the house,
 and, like the shepherd with his sheep, she will say, Come and rejoice with
 me, for I have found the piece of money.

Luke 15:8-10