The King of "POP"

Not all brands of popcorn pop the same.
Some leave many of the kernels unpopped.
I want to find the brand that pops the most kernels.

To find out which brand of popcorn pops the best.

I think "Orville Redenbacker's"
will pop the most kernels because it costs the most.

5 brands of microwave popcorn and microwave oven.

Buy 5 different brands of microwave popcorn.
Pop one bag of each brand for Trial 1.
Count the leftover, unpopped kernels in each bag.
Repeat steps #2 and #3 for Trial 2.
Repeat steps #2 and #3 for Trial 3.
Add up all the numbers of unpopped kernels for each brand.

"Orville Redenbacher's" had the least unpopped kernels.
"Newman's Own" had the most unpopped kernels.

My hypothesis was correct. I learned that the brand
that cost the most was the best brand
and popped the most kernels.