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Tune: "Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride (At Calvary)"

Verse 1:
Je-sus en-tered in-to Jer-i-cho.
Crowds were press-ing try-ing hard to see.
Then a tax col-lec-tor named Zac-chae-us
Climbed a tree.

He was short-er than all of the men.
This was all that he could do, and then
Je-sus looked up at him and he said,
"Come down, Zac-chaeus."

Verse 2:
"I must vis-it at your house to-day.
Then he wel-comed him and he came down.
Some men mur-mured be-cause Je-sus chose
A sin-ner from the town.

"For the poor I give half of my goods.
I will re-pay four-fold if I've sinned."

To-day sal-va-tion has come to this house,"
Said Je-sus then.

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Hmm, how do you think it could teach children this, jade?
This is my new favouite song.
this song could teach kids (lambs) all about changes in their body love jade

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