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Tune: "Where He Leads Me I Will Follow"

Verse 1 :
A-bra-ham loved God each da-y,
But God test-ed him this wa-y:
He said ,"Of-fer your son I-saac,
And you'll prove your love for me, for me."

Verse 2 :
A-bra-ham took wood to be burned.
Took the knife and fire, but he yearned
For a way to save his dear son,
But his love for God was strong, so strong.

Verse 3: Isaac :
"Fa-ther I see wood and fi-re,
But I think as we climb high-er,
'Where's the lamb that we will of-fer
To the God that we both serve this day?'"

Verse 4: Abraham :
(Oh, how can I tell my dear son
For the of-fer-ing he's the one?)
"Do not wor-ry God will pro-vide."
And he bound his son, his son I-saac.

Verse 5:
Took a knife and raised it up high,
But an an-gel came near by-y.
Stopped his hand be-cause God now knew
A-bra-ham would al-ways be so true.

Verse 6 :
In the bu-shes was a ra-m,
Put there just for A-bra-ha-m
To com-plete his sa-cri-fi-ce
To show God his love for Him that day.

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I thank God for this site. It is a big help for me as a mother and a sunday school teacher. May God bless you always, and for your labor is not in vain. Praise God.
Cindy J. Huyaban

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